The Writings About And / Or By Frederick Douglas Essay

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In the writings about and/or by Frederick Douglas, we can determine he was highly

educated and influential individual of his time, but what made Douglass the man he was?

I believe what made him the man he was in the 1800 's was his desire for education and

the education of his people, his unyielding persistence in challenging America, his

independent views, and his true belief to prove all men equal regardless of color.

Frederick Douglas was born in slavery as Frederick Augustus Washington Baily

near Easton in Talbot County, Maryland around 1817 or 1818, the exact date is unknown.

Douglass’s father is unknown, but believed to been one of the plantation owners, his

mother died early in his childhood when he was around 10. Douglass was eventually sent

to Baltimore home of Hugh Ald and Sophia Ald. (Ch. 1)

During Douglass 's time period being an educated African American was a rare

quality that Douglass had an unquenchable thirst for. At a young age Douglas started to

learn to read through Sophia, the wife of his owner at the time, but eventually her

husband forbade it, he said, because learning “would forever unfit him to be a slave”

(935). The biggest hurdle that Douglass and many other African Americans had to Baygents 2

overcome to become educated was getting their hands on books of any kind due to the

heavy fines and penalties enforced on slaves. "It is admitted in the fact that southern

statute books are covered with…

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