The World War II Essay

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World War II was the event that incited a revolutionary period in airpower. American aviation more than proved its worth in the victories over both the European and Pacific theatre. A powerful airpower wouldn’t be possible much less successful without unyielding leadership. Powerful men, who refused to stay within the boundaries given to them by the Army or Washington itself. One such man was Major General Curtis E. LeMay. During his period leading the XXI bombing command proceeding General Haywood Hansell was a time where his expertise was essential in crippling Japan. General LeMay was an advocate for the effectiveness of Airpower in winning the war. His intelligence and tendency to take highly contested risks in the name of America’s victory spoke for him. Even when his back was against the wall his influence on others got the job not only done but exceed the expectation of those contesting him. General LeMay took command of the XXI bomber squadron in January of 1945. General Henry Arnold was frustrated with the lack of results and needed a leader that could deliver. If it was proven that airpower couldn’t win this war in the Pacific, an invasion of Japan would be the result causing the death of over a million Americans. General LeMay took on this responsibility aware of the risk. One of the first problems he faced was Japanese weather. The cloud coverage threatened the accuracy of the B-29’s already limited ability to bomb specific targets. LeMay had to think fast…

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