The World Of The 20th Century Essay

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The 20th century will forever go down as one of the most critical, and bold centuries to ever go down in history. With the advances in technology that forever will change the fate of production, and quality of life of citizens around the world; to bear witness to a bold new world that gave birth to both the biggest successes, and atrocities the world has ever felt on its surface. WWI already left an unparalleled scar on the face of history; but out of its participants, one was ready for revenge just 20 years later. WWI left Germany in utter turmoil and humiliated in front of the face of the world. This created the perfect conditions for Hitler to manifest himself to power, and Germany now lies at the mercy of one leader. “Ein volk, ein reich, ein führer!” “One people, one empire, one leader” the literal phrase that Germany caste down to its own people, and soon to shadow over the people of Europe. (Welch) Germany’s new patriotic zeal came known by its neighbors in the form of quick and swift lighting warfare. Germany’s acquisition of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland sounded off the war alarms across Europe as another war breaks out by 1938. France quickly scrummed to the Nazi’s war trophy case within the first two weeks of the war.
With Great Britain as the last contester to the German Wehrmacht’s lighting warfare, and the Soviet Union enjoying the Molotov Ribbentrop pact, or as its commonly known its treaty of non-aggression with Germany, all hope is lost in Europe.…

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