The Work With New Classmates Essay

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One aspect of this group project I looked forward to was the opportunity to work with new classmates. In my Groups and Organizations class, we have a semester wide group project to work on as well. I am in a group with a few students who are also in this class with me, therefore, I was excited to branch out even more by working with individuals I have not had an opportunity to work with yet. A second thing I was excited for was having the opportunity to work with fellow students who expressed interest in the target population I am wanting to ultimately work with in the social work field. On the very first day of class, all three of us expressed wanting to work with children in a healthcare setting. I was excited to hear about their passions and I felt they would be able to share their knowledge about this population while having a unique perspective they would offer pertaining our topic. Overall the best part of the collaborative project was working with people with similar interests as myself.
Despite the fact I was excited to work with new individuals, I was also nervous. I had no previous knowledge on their work ethic with school work, nor have I had a previous class with these two girls. I was a little hesitant because I had no idea what working on this project would look like until it was happening. I am the controlling type, in the sense that I like to have a plan and an organized strategy for every aspect of a project, epically a group project. I want to…

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