Essay about The War Of The Vietnam War

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War is a place no one wants to be. It is full of blood, violence, and death surrounding you wherever you go. However, some people use those moments in war to better their life. Those people realize that there cannot be anything worse that being in war. Some people are can be too young to even remember the one let alone know what war really is. In the Vietnam War, there was thousands of babies who dealt with the destruction of personal items and the loss of family members. This novel is filled with damaged characters who’s lost a lot in their life and because of the loss of biological family connections that are the effect of war, the people involved suffer destructive values such as the failure to connect with others. Also, they had to change the way they lived because where they live now is way different than the culture in Vietnam.
The United States came to a conclusions to help these babies in Vietnam, so they sent out members to help on Operation Babylift. They took the babies and sent them to various destinations to get them away from the violence so they can have a better life. Most of these babies were sent straight back to the United States to find a new family waiting for them. Aimee Phan presents us with a group of short stories in “We Should Never Meet,” that features the babies’ lives now as they are all grown up on Operation Babylift. The characters in the stories share their encounters in the Vietnam War and how they are all linked. There is a mother who had…

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