Essay about The War Of The Vietnam War

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In his 1968 campaign, Nixon pledged that he had a “secret plan” to end the Vietnam War. Once in office, he declared a new policy, Vietnamization, in which U.S. troops would gradually be withdrawn while South Vietnamese troops, backed by U.S. bombing, would take up combat. But Vietnamization did not limit the war or end the antiwar movement. In early 1970, Nixon ordered U.S. troops into neutral Cambodia, in order to disrupt supply lines to the South. But the invasion did not achieve its military goals, and it destabilized the Cambodian government, starting a chain of events that brought the Khmer Rouge to power (who forced most Cambodians to migrate into the countryside and massacred millions), and sparked the largest student protests in U.S. history. In protests at Kent State University, the Ohio National Guard killed four antiwar protests; at Jackson State University, two students were killed by police. More than 350 colleges and universities had student strikes and 21 campuses were occupied by troops. Simultaneously, troop morale dropped. Although all young men were subject to the draft, most college students received deferments. The army was mostly composed of working-class whites and poor racial minorities. Blacks complained of having disproportionately higher casualty rates than white soldiers. And the military was not immune from domestic social and cultural changes. More and more soldiers wore peace and Black Power symbols, used drugs, refused orders, deserted, and…

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