Essay about The War Of 1812 : The Second War For Independence

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The War of 1812, otherwise known as " The second war for independence" began after the American Revolution. Although the events that occured esentially created the well known anthem,The Star Spangled Banner, the War is one of the smaller known historic wars. The Americans started The War of 1812. There had been a lot of tension between the two powers involved, Britain and the United States. There were numerous reasons the Americans had to drive them to the break of war. Some main reasons included,the embargo policies, impressments, and the expansionist goal of the War Hawks . United States took this act of war as a chance to gain patrotism and power.

On June 12, 1812 United States took on Great Britain.After British made attempts to restrict American trade and prohibited it in 1806 the Americans took stand.The Royal Navy’s impressment of American seamen and America’s desire to expand its territory also led up to the war. In 1806 both France and Britain had restricted American trade, thus fuling the already egnited fire. The deal was if the American ships obeyed British regulations, they would be seized by France and Britain. Americans where then outraged by which The Royal Navy seized British civilians and forced them into service. The practice of impressment forced U.S merchant vessels and made them serve on the behalf of the British. In the matter of eight years six thousand Americans were impressed, although this was easier to deal with then the seizing of their…

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