The War Between Britain And The United States Essays

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The war between Britain and the United States was not an easy battle to win as it had to took many lost to achieve victory.It took the United States many battles with the Brtish to get there independence. Both sides had fought hard and many people had died during the long bloody war.
On May 10 1775, the Second Continental Congress that all thirteen colonies assembled was in Philadelphia. They had planned to meet a year ago during the First Continental Congress. During the Second Continental Congress, they were set to work on two major tasks such as “to raise and supply an army and to explore reconciliation with Britain” (160). The Americans had established an army, made their own money, and delegates at congress began the act to declare independence from Britain. Some delegates favored independence while others did not. Those that did not want to break ties with Britain feared “to lose Britain’s protection against its traditional enemies, France and Spain” (160), which was important to America. By June 14, the Continental Army was created and chose George Washington from Virginia as commander in Chief, which revealed that Southerners were included. In order to pay for the military buildup, congress made Continental currency which was printed money. The Continental currency was less valued compared to gold and silver. On October 17th, a second petition took place known as the Olive Branch by John Dickinson, who was a Pennsylvania Quaker. The Olive Branch petition was meant…

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