The War Against France And Britain Essay

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In 1808, Spain is taken over by Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon disposed of the existing monarchy and installed his brother, Joseph, as head of state. The resulting war against France and Britain lasted nearly to the Mexican Revolution as Napoleon’s government falls into disarray and the revolutionaries began to gain momentum.

Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was a middle aged priest living in the parish of Dolores. Hidalgo was a Crillo by birth, and had a pro-Indian sentiment. He organized his revolution through a so called “Literary Club”. The club plotted their uprising to take place in December; however, the plot was uncovered in early September and Hidalgo’s collaborators were arrested. Word reached Hidalgo and he rang his church bells early the next morning, September 16, 1810. He rallied his parishioners to fight for independence immediately. This call, known as El grito de Dolores caused an uproar of thousands of natives and mestizos (half Spanish, half native peoples). They banded together to capture many cities west of Mexico City including Guanajuato. Despite initial success, the Hidalgo revolution is defeated. When Hidalgo had reached Mexico City, he hesitated and withdrew his army to the north-west. His army gradually disintegrated. Hidalgo himself is captured and executed at Chihuahua in 1811. To leave a message, his head is fastened onto a pole at Guanajuato, the site of his first victory. Later, Hidalgo had a Mexican state named after him and September 16th…

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