The Voices Of My Head Essay

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Eleanor Longden- “The Voices in my Head”
In Eleanor Longden’s “The Voices in my Head”, Eleanor shares her personal experience with schizophrenia and how it has affected her life. I have always found schizophrenia to be really interesting since I have learned a lot about it through several courses I have taken between high school and college. I find personal stories to be really interesting because you can see the disorder from the perspective of someone who is going through it and how they felt and how they eventually dealt with it. I was surprised that Eleanor heard the voices for the first time as she was in college and I found her reaction to the voices to be interesting. She thought it was normal to hear voices in her head until she told a friend in which she described it as being her “first mistake” in the whole process of addressing her mental disorder. I thought it was very courageous of Eleanor to share her story in order to bring more awareness to people who don’t quite understand schizophrenia or who know someone with the disorder so that they can help that person. Eleanor’s story made me more aware of schizophrenia and how difficult it can be for someone who is battling this mental disorder.
As mentioned in our textbook, people who are suffering with schizophrenia often feel as though they are alone in their situation and that people would think of them as crazy and out of their mind. In her speech, Eleanor says she had feelings of “hopelessness, despair, and…

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