The Value Of Precision Teaching Essay

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Case Study 'The value of precision teaching lies in identifying a subject area in which the child is failing to progress, followed by a daily session of teaching, fluency building, monitoring and evaluating progress in order to optimise learning . '(Lindsley, 1992).
The context and aims of this Case Study
This Case Study was chosen to evaluate and reflect upon the effectiveness of the Intervention of Precision Teaching in Key Stage 2. The aim of this Case Study is to determine the effectiveness of Precision Teaching as an intervention to improve reading and spelling and how this then transfers to independent class work.
After reflecting upon the Reading and Spelling data across KS2, it became apparent that a number children were continuing to struggle with the reading and spelling of the first 100 high frequency words. There were no specific interventions in place to address this issue and as a new SENCo, it was clear that we needed to put an intervention in place to begin to try to narrow the gap.
This assignment will focus on six children in Key Stage 2 who have been identified as having reading and spelling difficulties. After consultation with our Educational Psychologist, we were advised to implement Precision Teaching as a daily intervention to improve the reading fluency and spelling accuracy of the identified children. The children chosen for the case study, have been identified for differing reasons:
Child A is in Year 5 has low levels of literacy and…

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