The Value Of Digital Marketing Applications For Entrepreneurs And Consumers

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This literature review intends to systematically investigate and analyze the value of Digital Marketing applications for both entrepreneurs and consumers. Through extensive research of business and marketing publications, a clear and comprehensive understanding of digital marketing’s fundamentals and benefits are provided. This literature review analyzes trends in consumer usage of mobile devices for shopping purposes and how it affords value for both small business owners and consumers alike.
Small Businesses are crucial and necessary to the stability of the global economy by contributing more toward economic development and employment growth than all corporate counterparts combined. Through advanced cellular technology and Internet communication systems, small businesses are implementing mobile marketing applications as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Indications suggest that Digital Marketing is creating value and opportunity for small businesses, as mobile applications afford small business owners the ability to reach consumers beyond local target markets in a way that is both efficient and cost effective. Value for the consumer is based on the convenience of a hand held technology and the access it provides to an interactive relationship with the retailer. An industry research study showed that 52% of Americans who use cell phones also use mobile applications for shopping purposes (Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide, 2011). Digital marketing has…

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