The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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Homo sapiens - our species is the same everywhere regardless of skin color, country of birth, religion, food habits, or accents. Human Race however varies. An Indian looks different than a Nigerian. Race is defined by a group of people of common ancestry, distinguished from others by physical characteristics, such as hair type, color of eyes and skin, stature, etc. ( For centuries, crime and hate has been waged between races. Human rights were created to provide all human beings with basic rights (The United Nations art. 21.3). Human rights were created for humans to be protected from other humans. The Universal Declaration of Human rights was created in 1945 after World War II (Lamsal.). Nazis were responsible for death of more than 20 million people from countries like Poland, Sweden, Finland etc. The Nazis were also committing mass executions of certain classes of people. Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, handicapped, and other groups of people were treated unfairly and stripped of all their rights. Hanna Schmitz, a fictional human being, was a Nazi. The author of the Reader, Bernhard Schlink, puts a human face to a Nazi. Hanna was a Nazi who was responsible for human rights abuses towards humans of other races for the majority of her adult life. Even though her actions showed her she regretted her involvement in human rights abuse, she deserves no sympathy.
Hanna Schmitz , a women aged 36 who worked as tram conductor took advantage of a 15 year old…

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