The United V. Case Of The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Slightly More Equal

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” These are some of

the famous words written by Thomas Jefferson for the Declaration of Independence. This quote

embodies one of the principals our nation was founded on. Some argue that this has changed

with the Supreme Court ruling of Buckley v. Valeo and the conformation in Citizens United v.

FEC, that political spending should not be restricted because it is form of free speech. Are all

men still equal? Those who have the largest bankroll now have the “loudest” political voice.

The Supreme Court first ruled that political spending should not be restricted because it

was a form of free speech in Buckley v. Valeo. The court later expanded on this case in Citizens

United v. FEC.These rulings are seen as the catalyst that allowed for corporations and wealthy

individuals to spend as much as they would like on a campaign. The court based its ruling in

Buckley v. Valeo on the first amendment stating “A restriction on the amount of money a person

or group can spend on political communication during a campaign necessarily reduces the

quantity of expression by restricting the number of issues discussed, the depth of their

exploration, and the size of the audience reached.” Those who agree that political spending is

free speech argue that this was the only outcome possible according to the first amendment.

The first amendment states…

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