The United States Essay

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Only one percent of the United States citizens serve in its armed forces. This line of employment is more then just a job; it is a life style and profession. It is something one lives, and even risk our lives for. Serving in the Army is similar to being apart of a family. No matter what the conflict is, or where it might be. The United States Army continuously comes together as a family and preserves those in need. As a future officer in the strongest land fighting force on the planet, an oath must first be taken upon commissioning. I stating that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. This will be my second time saying these words, but unlike the first time as an enlisted soldier, this time stating these words serves significantly more meaning.
As a future commission officer, the oath not only serves more meaning, but also has a bigger purpose. Upon commissioning and completion of Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC) B, one will immediately begin leading troops. The oath that officers take should be taken very serious. Do to putting those subordinates under that officer in treacherous situations at times. Not only does the commission officer oath mean something important, but also the Constitution that one is sworn to support, along with the Declaration of Independence.
The Declaration of Independence is one of our lands most important documents ever generated. This 239-year-old manuscript is what gave the…

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