The United States Fight Against Terrorism Essay

1271 Words Apr 19th, 2016 6 Pages
In Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, there sits a maximum security prison where the worlds most dangerous terrorists are held. This prison opened in 2002 and has kept the U.S. informed about terrorists groups. Guantanamo Bay, currently one of our nations strongest statements to any terrorist group, and which has become necessary to continue running in full stride because of the danger from groups who wish to harm American lives. The fact about these terrorist group is they look to form terror and fear within a country, ultimately leading to the fall of a strong nation. With the United States fight against terrorism Guantanamo Bay has forced terrorist to be held accountable by giving information about higher up group leaders. The U.S. does intact have a terrorism problem, these groups do not fear America anymore. The government have become too lenient with terror threats and or attacks. Terrorism is a serious item we face in America, there are precautions in which need to be taken, through interrogating terrorist group members. In today’s world it is so easy for terrorist groups to recruit new people and to put a bad image on countries with the free access to internet. Many people in the middle east are looking for a group to belong to or someone to protect them from most of the governments who have gone bad and are now killing their people. When the government in Syria is turning on their own people then one way to save themselves and their families is joining a group like ISIS.…

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