The United States ' Declaration Of Independence, And `` Bill Or Right ``

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After the Revolutionary War, American newborn government began to exercise the compromise of justice and liberty addressed from the “Declaration of Independence” and “Bill or Right”. Beside the positive effects, the war left many consequences: high debt, tremendous poverty, political crisis and civil war temptation. One of the most negative effects was social segregation promoted by government’s policies to seek for new territories. Like other minority groups, Native American, Latino Americans and Asian American were manipulated by the westward expansion from which each shaped its own racial identity.

Americans used many policies to justify the Natives removal. Firstly, Americans negotiated with the Chickasaws to buy off their land but the Natives declined the offers. There were combats between the Americans and the Natives such as The Battle of Horse Shoe Bend, which led eight hundreds Creeks to death. President Andrew Jackson argued, “his solider were advancing civilization” (). He perceived himself as “father” who care and protect his Indian “children”. The president argued that the Natives couldn’t survive and succeed while living in white society and his justification was to civilize the Indians.

In early 19th century, the federal government passed out the “land-allotment program” purposely transformed the Natives into farmer. Then, Choctaw treaty in 1805 gave Americans the rights to gain control of the Choctaw nation. In the book “A Different Mirror: A History of…

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