The Underground Railroad Was Published By William Essays

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In 1867, the book The Underground Railroad was published by William Still. Unlike many of African Americans, William was born free and spent most of his life fighting for the freedom of others. In adulthood, William became an abolitionist movement leader in order to fight against race relations and prevent the capturing of free slaves. After teaching himself how to read and write. William quickly learned that education would be the key to the resistance of slavery and began documenting the journeys of escaped slaves. At the time, the hatred towards slaves free or captured was still strong in the United States. Several of Americans were not pleased with the slaves having the chance and right of freedom. To prove their distaste in the new laws, riots were caused expressing how they would not accept the several laws passed that ordered the rights of slaves. To elaborate on the severity of conditions in the South, Eric Foner explains, “The whole South was kind of an armed camp. There were obviously police forces around, there were slave patrols. These were people whose job was to watch out on the roads for slaves who were off their farms or plantations for any reason.” Thanks, to the underground railroad, slaves were given the chance to start a new life of freedom and liberty.
As a reader the deeper you dive into the book The Underground Railroad: A Record of Facts, Authentic, Narrative, and Letters. The more you began to appreciate the freedom that everyone is blessed to have.…

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