The Underdevelopment Of Africa Is Undeveloped Today Essay

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This is one of the best questions I have answered in recent time. Moreover, it is not because I am from Africa, but because western political, social, environmental and economic policies mainly dictated by the United State and Great Britain from the beginning and ending of the cold war led to the reason why Africa is undeveloped today. Furthermore, Africa is underdeveloped today as the result of Western Control, Neocolonialism, Corruption and the process that leads to western aid approval and its mismanagement
The underdevelopment of Africa is the result of Western interference in African economic, social, and body politics. During the early nineteenth century, Western countries had colonized most African countries including the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea and the list goes on. These Western countries, mainly Europe, controls African economy, thus establishing economic policy and regulation that led to economic exploitation of Africa’s natural resources destroying its rainforest and raw materials (predominantly cash crops that benefited colonial power) such as Great Britain and the United States. This also led to the present state and underdevelopment of Africa. Furthermore, Colonial power influenced policy decisions and market functions in Africa thus strengthening neocolonialism idea which was prevalent to the point that every political and economic decision was made either in Europe or the United States. Such idea granted colonial leader’s political independence to…

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