The Ultimate Battlefield Is Mind Essay

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A Commentary
By Jane M. Estrella

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility has become the latest catchword not only among the companies but also in schools. Students tend to scrutinize what particular CSR to implement in order to provide the needs of community and its people. Actually, it has been tackled under the financial management subject and among students taking the topic there is an ongoing debate arises over whether a firm should exist solely for making profits or whether it should pay heed to the social and environmental concerns that accompany the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. The proponents of the view that a firm exists solely for making profit argue about the
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However, the opponents of this view are some of the multinationals themselves as can be seen from the following excerpt, “Thus the central theoretical and practical question in the discussion of corporate social responsibility is whether it remains a voluntary choice of the business or should be ensured through formal control”.
The point here is that CSR is being enforced rather than voluntarily embraced. This fact alone makes it clear that businesses by themselves do not contribute to CSR and that they have to be regulated to do so.
In other way, the brain has always been the battlefield. The ancient Chinese military expert Sun Tzu gives an example. On the first night, a general has his troops build 100,000 campfires. On the second night, they build 50,000 campfires. And on the third night, they build 20,000. Watching the fires on the horizon dwindle over three nights, the opposing general believes that the enemy forces are deserting, and so he marches into battle confident that he faces a small, demoralized army. He marches straight into an army 100,000 strong and is soundly defeated.
Sun Tzu argued that you have to know your enemy in detail, but prevent your enemy from knowing you: pretend that you are weak where you are strong, and pretend that you are strong where you are weak. Information and deception

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