The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essays

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In Shakespeare The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the father of the title character is dead. The play, a classic example of Shakespearian tragedy, contains within a number of smaller tragedies. All these tragedies, despite their individual differences, can be traced to Hamlet’s desire for revenge. Hamlet’s dawdling to get revenge caused more tragedies.
A ghost comes into Hamlet’s life and claimed he knew what has happened to his Hamlet’s father. The ghost was Hamlet’s father. At first, Hamlet did not believe the ghost. The ghost said, “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). The ghost was telling Hamlet that he needed to get revenge on the person who had killed his father. The ghost revealed that Claudius the King of Denmark killed his Hamlet’s father. The shocking tragedy the ghost reveals is that “the serpent that did sting thy father’s life/ Now wears his crown” (1.5.38-39). After the death of Hamlet’s father Claudius was the next in line for the throne. Claudius had everything to gain as he became the King of Denmark. Hamlet has to get proof before he can avenge his father.
Hamlet still had no proof even if Claudius had killed his father. One day he caught Claudius confessing his sins. Claudius is in the church and say, “halt the primal eldest curse upon’t,/ A brother’s murder” (3.3.37-38). Hamlet’s doubts have been cleared up and, he declares that he wants to get revenge for his father’s death. Hamlet has chosen to get revenge on Claudius.…

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