The Theory Of The Middle School Essay

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Thornberry was a theorist who came up with the interactional model. In the text, it states, “Do certain individuals select themselves to hang out with delinquents by their previous behavior, or do they learn criminality from delinquents with whom they start associating?” (Tibbetts, 2012). I believe that the second question would make more sense. The reason I say this is because certain individuals tend to learn criminality when they start to blend in and socialize with other people. I am the type of person who has been around individuals who have done some crimes that were minor, but it didn 't affect me in the end. I had the mindset of knowing that getting more closer to individuals who commit crimes won 't be any good for me to hang around because it will lead me down the wrong path. When I started attending Middle school, there were some people who I was hanging out with up until the eighth grade. Once I went to the Early College, I hung out with new friends and some of my old ones moved on to better things; on the other hand, most of them chose to take the path of causing trouble. On page 216, I read something that sparked my attention. This is based off of different nations. It says, “Public apology is the most common punishment among the Japanese, which strongly reflects the nature of honor in Japanese society, as well as pointing out the fundamental differences between how we deal with offenders”(Tibbetts, 2012). The reason it sparked my attention was the simple…

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