Essay on The Theory Of Self Care

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Dorthea Orem was born in Maryland in 1914 and in 1939 received a bachelor of science in nursing education (Black, B. et. al., 2011). She later published her theory of self-care that suggests nurses should only do for a person what that person cannot do without assistance (Black, et. al., 2011). This theory gives the patient the ability to express autonomy and allows them more control over his or her care. This theory in itself has many components and interrelated theories that emphasize the importance of self-care and patient independence throughout an individual’s care. With this theory in mind nurses will be able to create positive patient outcomes.
Orem believed that people naturally want to care for themselves and that nurses should encourage their patients to contribute what they can (Simmons, 2009). By doing this, the patient’s active role in their care is emphasized and often leads to a more positive outcome (Black, et. al., 2011). When considering the theory of self-care, there are three interrelated theories that help nurses to meet self-care standards (Black, et. al., 2011). The first is the theory of self-care. This theory explains what actions an individual can initiate and perform on their own, in order to maintain an optimal level of health both mentally and physically (Stark, 2005).
The next interrelated theory is the theory of self-care deficit (Black, et. al., 2011). This occurs when an individual can no longer care for himself or herself without some form…

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