The Theory Of Self Care Deficit Essay

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Theory of Self-Care Deficit

The word self-care deficit states the association between self-care agency and therapeutic self-care demands of individuals. It specifies when nursing care is necessary. Each mature individuals can meet their self care needs, but when a person is incapable of meeting this needs due to certain limitations, then self care deficit exists. Self-care deficit is when patients may need assistance to complete tasks that they would otherwise do for themselves if they were well enough (Peate, 2016). Nursing action emphasizes on identification of the patients limitations or deficit and implementing the appropriate nursing intervention (Snowden, 2016).

Orem’s Five Methods of Helping

The Orem’s five method of helping are the following: acting for or doing for another, guiding and directing, providing physical or psychological support, providing and maintaining an environment that support personal growth and finally teaching (George, 2011).

Orem’s Operation of Nurses in Clinical Practice
The actions in which the nurses involve themselves when they deliver nursing care are as follows: First, the nurse enters and maintains nurse-patient relationship with individuals, their family and groups. Second, the nurse design, plan and manage the system of nursing care. Next, the nurse also responds to patient’s request, needs, desire for nurse assistance. The nurse coordinates the nursing care itself and coordinates the care with other services such as social…

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