Essay about The Theory Of Mind Body

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“I think therefore I am,” the popular quote of philosopher Descartes, is the main premise of his theory of Mind-body Dualism. Interactionism is the theory that there are two realities, mind and body, each of which can have an effect on the other. In contrast, dualists claim that the mind and body are two separate realities. The body is a material thing that operates in a physical reality, while the mind and mental states operate in a nonphysical reality. For the dualist, the way of thinking is an internal thinking on the inside that is private. I fully agree with Descartes’s concept of dualism. The mind is a lot more than chemical reactions going on in the brain. Thoughts, feelings, desire are all properties of the mind but not its parts. I will argue that the doctrine of dualism is a more plausible answer to the fundamental question raised by the mind body problem because it is supported by the divisibility argument, argument from doubt, and the argument from consciousness. Moreover, I will argue that the most common arguments used against dualism are not firm.
I will begin by defending the divisibility/indivisibility argument. The argument claims that (1) my physical parts are divisible, (2) my mind is not divisible, (3) so my mind is distinct from any of my physical parts based of Leibniz’s law (Lawhead 237). Leibniz’s Law states that if A and B really are just the same thing, then anything true of one is true of the other, since it is essentially the same thing. One…

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