The Theory And Practice Of Group Therapy Essay

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Group therapy has taught me that everybody in class and myself have something in common. We all go through difficulties throughout out life and have feelings that we have not dealt with even as adults. It felt nice to have a group were we can express our feelings in a safe space and judgement free zone. I feel as though the group had a lot more sad moments than happy moments and it began to get draining because nobody wants to be sad all the time. In the book The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy it states that “a member who has poor attendance record is unlikely to benefit from the group” (Yalom, 2005). I made sure that I attended all group therapy class sessions. Our first topic we discussed was relationships. When we discussed relationships I thought that this topic would focus more on romantic relationships. Instead this topic took a turn and focused more on family relationships. A lot of people did not share their experiences but a few stated to have father issues. I was a facilitator and at times I wanted to share my experiences with the class but in the book Theory and practice of group counseling “it states therapist feelings become entangles in the therapeutic relationship, obstructing or even destroying objectivity” (Corey, 2007). I sat and listened as others shared their experiences. A little bit about myself on relationships, I have father issues also. As a child my father had already expressed that he wanted nothing to do with me. My mother at 17…

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