The Testimonial Of Eric Brandon ' Growing Up ' Christian ' Essay

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The Testimonial of Eric Brandon (Growing up “Christian”)
Like a lot of kids I grew up with, I was raised in a “Christian” family. My mom was a devout Christian. At one point in my life I truly believed she had memorized the Bible word for word. Anytime myself or my older sister would do something wrong, my mother would know just the verse to recite to us to show us God did not approve of our actions. It is because of her my family resembled anything like a good church going American family.
My father was less devout. He was a man constantly under attack by his demons of drugs, alcohol, and lust. There were times he would be gone for days without word. Later in life I found out many of those occasions he would be in jail. My parents would eventually divorce when I was in the sixth grade.
Going to church back then was a mundane task to be performed on the last day of the two days of freedom the adults gave us before sending us back to the evil establishment know as elementary school. I thought two days is all we get a week and I have to sit through Sunday school? Little did I know, the stories I would be learning would serve me the rest of my life. Nope all I knew was I could be out on the playground with my friends. Unknown to me the day would come where there only place I would want would be was at church.
I believe the major turning point in my life occurred on a lazy summer afternoon when I was around nine years old. I had been sick with a cold that whole week. We had run…

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