The Teachings Of The Gospel Essay

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The Gospel according to Mark starts out with a man known as John the Baptist. John along with other townspeople went into the wilderness to repent their sins, and John baptizes everyone. During the baptisms, John told the townspeople that someone with greater power then him will be coming soon. Jesus then comes to the river to be baptized by John, and was recognized by the Holy Spirit of God as His son. After being baptized and being recognized, Jesus was sent into the wilderness for 40 days to be tested and tempted by satan. Jesus returns and shares the good news to the townspeople. He then traveled to Galilee where he started picking men whom he wanted as disciples. With the chosen 12, Jesus started traveling from town to town sharing good news and healing people. People gathered to watch, were amazed and started to follow him to witness more of his miracles. Pharisees and followers of King Herod are jealous of all the attention on Jesus, so they start to plan his death. Jesus did not let this stop him, he along with his disciples continued to travel and minister. Jesus healed people who were blind, paralyzed, and even raised people from the dead. People were so amazed that they questioned his work. His own disciples started to question his work. To help everyone understand what he is doing and why, Jesus explains through parables. After days of Jesus traveling with his disciples, he allows them to go out on their own so that they can reach out to more…

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