The Teachings Of The Buddha Essay

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One of the main teachings of the Buddha himself is a fair and kind treatment of all beings on earth. Many Buddhists become vegetarians or vegans to honor the wisdoms of Siddhartha, not wanting to harm any animal for the benefit of food for themselves. Even though this effort is such a commonly addressed trend, is it less regularly discussed how Buddhists interact with other humans, especially in times conflict. There have been several cases in history that violence has been the only answer – or at least it seems to be that way. Many wars and conflicts have come about in the past in close ties to religion. Judaism serves as a strong example in the origins of World War II, as does Islam in the War of Terror in the early 21st century. Countries such as Vietnam, Burma and Thailand, which have a majority of Buddhist citizens, have also been regions of great conflict in the past. Curiosity sparks a wonder how Buddhist community members responded to the violence in the countries at the time. A search for answers through various scholarly works began as several interesting arguments came about. Fielding states as he was studying in Burma, “my object is not to explain what the Buddha taught, but what the Burmese believe; and this is not quite the same thing…” He follows this quote in commenting on the fact that nearly everything he witnessed seemed to be strongly influenced by Buddhist philosophy. Streckfuss also adds “One gets the impression the traditional Thai Theravada Buddhist…

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