Essay about The Teachings Of The Bible

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According to Brinkley, Rosa as a young girl with the help of her mother and grandmother found so much comfort and peace while reading the bible where her mother repeatedly pointed to her that every being is equal in the sight of God and that God’s children were supposed to free. The teachings of the bible became a way of life and helped her in dealing with her day-to-day problems. From the bible, young Rosa learned that people should stand up rights just as the children of Israel stood up to the Pharaoh. Also, the church helped her because she believed the church was the only legal place the black people could gather and get information without being harassed or unjustly treated so the church became their strength, refuge and haven.
Furthermore, her grandfather played a role in Rosa’s life during the time she lived with him. She learned that it wasn 't enough to just turn a cheek in christian submission when one’s life was at stake due to the manner her grandfather would sleep in a rocking chair by the fireplace with his shotgun in his life, waiting for the Ku Klan to attack.Rosa will always curl up on the floor beside him ready to spring to the defense of her home, she attributed all these experiences and teachings of her grandfather to her independent spirit.
Rosa believed that her upbringing and the bible taught her how to stand up for their rights and that is the only way to gain respect from others. If one’s lives demonstrate that one is peaceful, humble and…

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