The Teachings Of Karl Marx And Marxism Essay

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The teachings of Karl Marx and Marxism has always been my favorite theoretical perspective because it has been misunderstood over time. One of the best things about Marxism is that it stressed the importance of social equality and the issues that the system of capitalism created in society. Marx argued that capitalism was hindrance to freedom because only those who have money can really enjoy freedom. The Marxist theory in the simplest perspective is that “Marxism emphasizes the idea that social life is based upon "conflicts of interest". The most fundamental and important of these conflicts is that between the Bourgeoisie (those who own and control the means of production in society) and the Proletariat (those who simply sell their labor power in the market place of Capitalism)”. (Theories, 2009)
One of the reasons that the philosophy of Karl Marx and Marxism is so misunderstood is the connection that society makes to communism. “Despite the massive amount of writings that Karl Marx left behind, he is often misquoted and misconstrued not only by his ideological objectors, but his own followers, as well. (Parker, 2012) Although there is a belief that Marx envisioned a utopia, Marx’s mission was to be able to remove capitalism from society. Marx believed that workers were being alienated and the system of capitalism was unjust to workers. “Marx theorized that the capitalist system would inevitably impoverish the masses as the world’s wealth became concentrated in the hands…

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