The State Of New Jersey Essay

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Dating back to 1974 The state of New Jersey experienced over ten declared emergencies in regard to flooding alone, not be overshadowed by the overall declared emergencies which stand at over twenty in the last sixty years. New Jersey experience, hurricanes, floods, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters regularly. Over a course of the year New Jersey has worked diligently to create a more resilient state against both natural disaster, and man-made threats. October 29,2012 New Jersey was authorized by president Obama as a declared emergency in results to Hurricane Sandy also known as Super Storm Sandy. After being declared this warranted federal aids and supports under this release. FEMA is authorized to provide appropriate assistance for required measures under the Title V of the Stafford Act, to save lives and protect property and public health and safety, or lessen or avert the threat of a catrastrophe in the designated areas. At this time, they were available to interface with the community utilizing the FEMA blog, twitter, facebook, youtube and admistartion personal accounts(HS,2016). It does note that though the agencies are aware of the effectiveness of social media platforms and utilize this as a means of communication; it does state that they are links only to be used a reference and they do not officially endorse any non-government websites, companies or applications. This caveat though required diplomatically does shoe that even Federal Officials can not deny the…

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