The Standards For Teaching Schools Essay

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Most people have a general sense of what the common core is but they are uneducated just to what it actually entails. In 2009 the standards for teaching in our schools that we know as the common core were launched. According to the common core’s website,, the common core was created in order to have equal standardize across our nation. Before the common core, states were able to mandate their own expectations of their students leading to an unbalanced education system. These standards were set into place in order to prepare students for higher education and careers. Although Common Core isn 't a federal law, the federal government supports it by providing grants that are only available to those states that have adopted its guidelines and standards(Findlaw). Since the Common Core is not a federal law, it is not mandatory that states adopt the policy; only forty-two states and territories in the United States have adopted the Common Core. The graph to the right was pulled of of and shows the forty-two(green) states that have adopted the standards.
While there are still some states(yellow) that are hesitant to accept the common core, the majority of them have. One question I was curious about was, does every school in a state which has adopted the common core have to teach it in their classrooms? Home Schools Legal Defence Association stated in an article “under 20 U.S.C. § 7886, prohibits any federal education mandates from applying to…

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