Essay on The Song Lift Every Voice And Sing

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The song lift every voice and sing started as a poem.The song was created by a man named James Weldon Johnson.The song was first performed by a group of 500 school students in celebration of president Lincoln 's birthday on February 12,1900 in Jacksonville Florida.THE pam was set to music by Johnson 's brother John Rosamond Johnson and soon adopted the National Association for the Advancement of colored people (NAACP) as its official song.Today “Lift Every Voice and Sing”is one of the most charished song of the African American Civil Rights Movement and is often refered to as the Black Nation Anthem.These are just a couple lyrics from the song lift every voice and sing till earth and heaven ring.Ring the harmony and liberty let us rejoice and rise high as the listening skies.

The song was known as the Black Nation Anthem.The song has deep roots in American History.The song was heard on the Obama Campaign trail as far back as early 2008.Some supporters have used it in public Support of the man who is known in history books as the First African American president of the United States.Yet many Americans failed to make the connection initially on Inauguration Day.The song was even sang on Inauguration day by Morgan State University choir on the baltimore stage.

The song lift every voice and sing is considered the African American national anthem.The song was a way that African Americans showed their Patriotism and hope for the future.Deep meaning was found in these lyrics…

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