The Social Media And The Electronic Medical Records ( Emr ) Systems

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The big data can be defined as the set of a large volume of collected data from both the digital and traditional sources that could not be handled by the traditional means. The big data is important in the research process because it provides a convenient way of analysing and solving scientific problems. The presence of big data proved problematic to the lives of the physicians leading to the introduction of new and modern technology to analyse the big data. The healthcare uses the modern technology to collect and disseminate big data that is crucial in identifying the cause and cure of diseases. The social media and the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are some of the technology used to disseminate the big data. The healthcare industry uses the big data to provide efficient services to the patients and the community. There are benefits of using the big data in the health care as described and discussed below. There are benefits of the healthcare embracing the big data. It includes the reduction of cost, provision of better diagnosis, better research, and development as well as the efficient channels of communications between the physicians and the patients among others. Therefore, the paper discusses and describes the use of the big data and how it will have an impact on the way the healthcare delivers services to the patients in future. Several industries use the big data to conduct their operations. The healthcare was the latecomer in embracing the big data as it…

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