The Self Reliant On Our Own Essay

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It is proven that a majority of the living population is dependent on something or someone else for solely comfort or survival. Is it possible to go through life while only being reliable on ourselves? We as humans develop and evolve with the support of society, but the reality is that only we can trust ourselves and be self-reliant on what we know. Through the readings of Socrates, Emerson, and Whitman, we can proceed to believe that each man should relay his own thoughts and feelings of the world and its teachings. Hence, this lets each person be self-reliant in whatever they believe is just. After turning eighteen, I took in many responsibilities such as getting a job, obtaining my license and driving myself to school and work, and also paying for my own food and gas. With these responsibilities comes self-reliance to be prepared to take care of priorities on our own. By doing so, this teaches us how to become independent. Even though society is known to gain knowledge through the help of others, everyone should be self-reliant and have the right to express their own thoughts because it will help gain a sense of independence. Socrates explains his “Apology” to the jury and the accusers. A person with well and long developed is perceived to be wise because of the many experiences and problems one has faced. As he speaks to the jury he says, “You see, men of Athens, I’ve acquired this reputation because of nothing other than a sort of wisdom” (Socrates, 24). He claims to…

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