The Second Amendment And Gun Ownership Essay

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Gun Ownership
The second constitution amendment in America majorly stresses on the armament and gun ownership. This follows the high rate of gun ownership where citizens own them for various purposes like hunting and self-protection. The government through this constitution amendment wants to regulate gun ownership in the country. This paper looks at various aspects of gun ownership like the idea of gun ownership as a civil obligation, rebellions that played an important role of the militia debate, the position of the federalist and anti-federalists on gun control, how the gun culture revolved in the early 19th century and how slavery contributed to the gun control debates.
As explained by Saul Cornell the main understanding that arose from America’s first period of constitution writing underlined the civic idea of the right to own guns (Cornell, 41). It was argued that owning arms or guns will help people to protect their freedom and liberty. This freed them from oppression and allowed them to engage in some activities that they were not able to engage in previously. Democracy and civil rights brought about revolutions that made a vast change in the country. Among the civil obligations and rights that were introduced were the right to protect ones property and safety, this lead to a right that enabled the citizens to own guns and other firearms. This could enable them to perform various tasks like hunting, protecting their property and families as the soldiers were…

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