Essay about The Science Versus Religion Controversy

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The science versus religion controversy is one in which I believe will continue on until the end of time. Dr. Charlie Townes, a Christian man and renowned scientist, considers the parallels of the two demonstrate they are fated to eventually unite (Townes, 1966). Many view science and religion as two completely separate realms, which are fundamentally different and pursue truth in distinctively unlike ways. On the religious front, many hold firm to their faith and historical beliefs; whereas, science intends to demystify the religious aspect and search for concrete answers. The difference between the two are the absolute qualities. Religion teaches absolute truth, despite the ability to prove or be proven wrong. Science stresses the potential ability to, over time, explain everything. However, the inability to prove certain aspects causes strain on both interpretations. The great difference between the two are the impression of scientific laws diminishing the space for divine action. He articulates that some disregard any conflict between the two because they are different in all aspects of what matters they deal with; whereas others disregard the opposition almost to their detriment. Additionally, Townes believes the differences between science and religion “are largely superficial, and that the two become almost indistinguishable.” (Townes, 1966, p.2). Moreover, Townes believes the differences are more quantitative than qualitative, which generally results from…

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