The Room After Our Social Work Iv Class At The Um Tupelo Campus

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• Kimberly Cooper, Penny Ferrell, Jasmine Buchanan, Kaitlyn Boyd, Shana Forman, Angel

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• Shana Forman

• We met in the dining room after our Social Work IV class at the UM-Tupelo campus.

 Where is the task group in terms of developmental stages? In our task group the evidence from Tuckman’s development model forming, storming, norming, and performing helped us establish where we needed to start. Each one of these steps builds off the previous one and with every new piece of research it helps the process repeat itself. The stage we had come to was the norming stage. In this meeting decisions were made on our topics and members agreed that each role we had was on the right track. Our group suggested that we establish a flyer to hand out so, more people will attend at the event. Our leader Jasmine created the flyer and said she would bring a copy to the next meeting. At this point in the task group it is time to plug in the information and work on the proposal’s rough draft.

 What is your role in the task group today? My role in our task group is exploring and finding research. This is an important role in the paper; because this helps the other group members accomplish goals for the proposal. With every group member having a role it modifies and clarifies how important there role is. I find myself being more “affect” oriented with the role I have. I am researching how much emotional stress is put on the grandparent when raising a grandchild. This explores more…

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