The Roman Republic And The Rise Of The Empire Essay

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The Roman Republic, before it fell and was reorganized to become the Roman Empire, had many great rulers that helped make it to be one of the greatest republics in human history. One of these great rulers, by the name of Julius Caesar would become famous for the many things that he accomplished and for being one of the factors that would led to the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. One of the interesting things about Caesar is the way he came in to power, much like another important roman figure by the name of Sulla; Caesar would use force to take control of the republic, and would become a dictator in order to carry reforms he saw would help the republic. Additionally, they both share several thing with one another such as both inspiring great loyalty with their soldiers, which is one of the main reason they were able to take control of the republic so well. Furthermore, they held same the aspiration to do away with the weak government the republic had become and desired to bring order and stability back to the roman government. While Julius Caesar would follow Sulla’s example in gaining power in the Roman Republic though the use of force, he would later come to have a different reason to justify his claim to the dictatorship then Sulla did when he assumed control of the republic.
When there is instability in the government it over time begins to affect the country, which causes the people look to a strong leader to bring stability, order and bring a sense…

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