Essay on The Rise Of The American Empire

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Throughout history, many empires predominantly sought glory, land and plunder; these factors often caused the rise of an empire. However, this was not the case for the American Empire. The American Empire did pursue glory land and plunder at different times throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries; however, unlike many other Empires these were not sought as an overt attempt to expand the empire, nor were they pursued in the same imperialistic manner as other empires. Rather, it was the United States’ vision of independence from British rule, and liberty, that above all influenced the rise of the American Empire.

Throughout history, glory, land and plunder have been common pursuits of empires and have contributed to a nationalistic identity, as with the British. However, with the American Empire the manner in which they were sought and achieved these and the reason why differed from other empires. The only factor of these three that the American Empire actively used to raise their Empire was glory. However, this was not employed in the usual sense. The British Empire sought imperialistic glory, the glory of influence, the glory of white superiority and the glory of trade domination. Conversely, the American Empire, exclusively sought the glory of independence, liberty and a new national identity. The American government proudly rejected a dictatorship style government, which was typical of other empires. At the formation of the American Empire, those in government…

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