The Rights Of The United States Essay

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eing an American comes with many advantages that many countries around the world do not have. The constitution of the Untied States explains the freedoms and liberties we each possess. A major issue confronted in the today’s political world involves the conflict with abortion. Those who believe that women have a choice and say about their pregnancy are pro-choice activists and do not want the government to regulate a person’s body. The opponents establish themselves as pro-life activists and believe that life begins at fertilization and therefore abortion is the wrongful way of killing a innocent human being. A major change needs to be conducted on the current amendment that is keeping this debate alive. Before 1973, abortion was illegal in America, only if the woman 's health was threatened could a doctor perform an abortion. For this reason only a woman could choose to not carry the baby to term, and it would not be a crime. In March of 1970, Jane Roe, a single woman residing in Dallas County, Texas, filed a federal action against the District Attorney of the county. By seeking a declaratory judgment against the state of Texas’ criminal abortion statues and declaring they were unconstitutional on their face, Jane Roe demanded an injunction restraining the state of Texas from enforcing the statutes.
In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade proved that abortion is a women’s choice and part of her rights as an American citizen. Seven out of the nine justices voted on…

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