The Rights Of The Government Essay

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Although the government promotes itself as an essential protector of Constitutional rights, sometimes it makes people wonder, if the government is trying to protect its people or itself. Nevertheless, the self-promotion has effectively trained most Americans to believe our Constitutional rights are respected and vigorously protected by government and public employees. Unfortunately, only a few people realize that the government does not automatically protect our rights, that our feeling to trust the government is severely misguided, and that our unawareness of our rights promotes government to misuse those rights.
Firstly, the relationship between any government and its citizens is, and has always been, at best, confrontational. Individual rights are inversely related to government power. The more power the government has, the fewer rights a person has. Government cannot grow in size or power except at the cost of our individual rights and freedom. The Constitution was written to both limit government and maximize our individual rights. The Constitution 's purpose is not simply to specify our individualism, but to shield us from the single organization that will always pose the greatest threat to those rights: our own government. This is why we have elections every two years, three branches of government, the right to jury trials, and the right to keep and bear arms. In Constitution Café, Mike states, “the right to bear arms is completely tied to being part of a Militia…

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