The Revolutionary War Essay

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• The teacher will greet the students and share the “I can” statement for today with the common core state standard.
• To engage the students into the lesson, the teacher will give students an entrance slip. This entrance slip will ask students to predict how they think the Revolutionary War will end. In order to do this the teacher will remind the students of what they have been learning in the previous lesson.
• After the students have completed the entrance slip on their predictions, the students will crumple their entrance slip up, and toss it around the room to another person.
• Through doing this it will simulate how chaotic the Revolutionary War was, but how it eventually came to an end.
• Students will share a few of the predictions that they picked up of how the Revolutionary War ended. (This will serve as a pre-assessment to me to see if the students have any prior knowledge about today’s lesson as well.)
TRANSITION STATEMENT: The teacher will say, “Well, now that we have some predictions about how the war ended, let’s learn about it. Take a look up at the smart board.”
II. Instructional Sequence/Lesson Core:
• The teacher will pull up on the Smart Board in the Power Point a picture of fireworks. The teacher will ask the students what they think the fireworks symbolize.
• The teacher will tell the students to get out their social studies notebook.
• The teacher will tell the students that she is going to play a short video clip of fireworks, and after seeing the…

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