The Revolution Of The United States Essay

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In the time between 1765-1800 there were voluminous events and people that influenced the formation of the United States of America as an independent and sovereign state; ultimately, they guided the instituting and authorization of the United States Government. During the years of 1765-1783 the colonies of America instigate a revolution and a war to gain independence from their fathering country of England. Throughout the years of 1777-1800 the colonies and states of America construct a government that would revolutionize the face of politics throughout the entire world. Thus, through the years 1765-1800 numerous events and people induced the construction of the United States of America and ultimately steered the establishing of the United States Government.
The American Revolution activated while the beginning of the end of salutary neglect commenced around 1763 with the Sugar Act of 1763, but keep in mind it was not the only factor. England the controlling country over the colonies of America started to rely on the taxes they assigned to the colonies to replenish the hole they now found in their figurative bank because of the French and Indian War. They started to crack down on the taxation acts they placed on the colonies which started to light a fire within the people of the colonies. However, mad the colonists were getting, in England’s mind they had a good point for instigating the taxes. They thought since they saved the colonists form the French and Indians that…

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