The Revolution Of The American Revolution Essay

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The revolution that occurred in France during the eighteenth century became the harbinger for new ideas which originated with righteous proclamations and ended in a reign of terror. I think that it is best to say that the middle class did not win the French Revolution because it did not properly establish a persistent government that could protect the rights of the third estate and its extreme bloodshed could not be justified by the minimal success that the French middle class did obtain. It’s hard to consider that any revolution is a success when it does not achieve its permanent objectives alongside massive loss of life throughout the revolutionary process. Because of the financial crisis that had befallen France in 1789 due to their stiff competition with Britain to for supremacy and support for the American Revolution, many voices began to advocate for reforms in the economy and the national government. In light of this, pamphlets began to flood the populace bringing about new ideas of reform such as, Rousseau’s social contract which stated that no legitimate social contract can form under an absolute monarchy and that if a monarch had absolute power over us, we lose both our freedom and humanity. French revolutionists aimed to gain greater power for the third estate in order to collapse the aristocracy and break the absolute power of the French monarchy. By doing so, they began to introduce new ideas such as, a constitution to limit the power of the elite class in…

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