The Restorative Process Of The Community Essay

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Each of the stakeholders have a role to play within the restorative process in order for the healing to begin. For the victim, being victimized takes away a sense of control. In order to recover, the victim must regain that sense of social control, often through the emotional power given through a facilitated discussion with the offender (Morrison, 2016). Offenders on the other hand, must repair the lost trust with both the community, and the victim. In order to do so, they must take responsibility for their wrong doings, and do whatever in their power to repair the harm caused. Finally, the community is responsible in facilitating the discussion or process to heal both the offender and the victim. The community must grant support, safety, and meet the needs of the victim and individuals affected directly by the victim’s victimization, such as family members and partners. At the same time, the community must create a reasonable dialogue with the offender while being willing to forgive the individual (Zehr & Mika, 1997). After doing so, the community must be willing to prevent further harm by safely reintegrating both victim and offender into the communal fold. While restorative justice has many useful practices that I personally believe should be adopted by the government, the current Canadian criminal justice system follows a more retributive justice system, punishing offenders by reacting to their crimes rather than solving the problem directly. The system serves…

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