The Restoration Of A Project Manager Essay

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Restoration Development In my job shadowing experience, I have observed Shawn Hooker from AM/PM Restoration Company. His job title with the company is Project Manager. “Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements” (Varajaoa & Cruz-Cunhac, 2013, p. 3342). He handles supervision and management of the restoration projects by directing of all the field activities. He is the person that showed me how the restoration world revolves. I have worked at AM/PM Restoration Company for some time now, which has allowed me to become interested in this job position. I want to become a project manager because I want to develop new skills, I want to interact with people and I want to grow in this field because of the opportunities it offers. Shawn has shown me how his dedication, hard work, and sacrifices have led him to be where he is at. I want to be a project manager because I want to develop new skills. Shawn has been working for AM/PM Restoration for more than six years. He started as a technician and worked his way to becoming a project manager. He made the decision to invest in himself and received his Bachelor’s in Management. He took extra training classes and received his certification on mold and asbestos remediation. Shawn oversees field technicians, supervisors, subcontractors for the accomplishments of the projects and subprojects. First, he schedules an…

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