The Resilience And Academic Performance Essay

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Resilience and Academic Performance
Considering that resilience has been linked to academic success we must conclude that fostering resiliency among children will results in high levels of academic performance. With this knowledge in mind, some school districts and independent researchers created some assessments to validate resilience skills and evaluate their role in high academic performance. Assessment is defined as an ongoing process of gathering quantitative and qualitative information about student’s academic progress. Luckily, we are coming to realize that student’s contracts, small toys, stickers, students’ of the month assemblies, and other awards cannot modify students’ motivation, discipline, and their study habits. Fortunately, the early research performed by Waxman- Huang( 1997) and Reyes-Jason (1993), suggested that schools can play an important role fostering resiliency. As a result in 2003 the “Scales Longitudinal Study”, and an internal study performed by the South Central U.S. Department of Education more recently, found that instilling resiliency activities in the curriculum can foster positive-self-mage, feelings of competence, optimism, and sense of belonging to a group. The product of these researches shows that there is a strong connection between high academic performance and resiliency.
Therefore, as parents, teachers, or school administrators should we begin to ask ourselves, what is resilience? Resilience is a series of attributes, which provides…

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