Essay about The Reform Act Of 1832

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Throughout history there have been great social changes whenever it came to the rights that privileged citizens held over others. As disparages between social classes grows there is an outcry for the same privileges that had long been privy to a certain percentage of the population to be shared. Great Britain however began to change in regards to this social norm when the Reform Bills were introduced. In Britain the Reform Bills were brought into being for the sake of suffrage regardless of class in society. They were key part in leading up to the events that would change how voting and a person’s right to vote would be viewed. The Reform Bills brought changes to the government in regards to the common folks, advanced the rights of the people, as well as leading forth to universal suffrage for both sexes. The Reform Bills sent up a standard of which the British government would be able to better represent the citizens including their needs. The first of the Reform Act, known as the Reform Act of 1832 was the big mover and shaker of the British government, including setting up a base for the further reforms. “The first Reform Bill was necessitated chiefly by glaring inequalities in representation between traditionally enfranchised rural areas and the rapidly growing cities of newly industrial England”(Encyclopedia Britannica, Reform Bill) . It brought up the need for the proper representation of boroughs to keep foul play out of politics. The boroughs were…

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